After the unconstitutional and excessive arrest of a black college student while he was mowing lawns to make extra money over the summer, how do we expect law enforcement to respond to national outcry? Character assassination of course. So let’s deal with each false allegation in its turn. 
#ConstableAlanRosen says “All he had to do was provide his name and d/o/b”
– His name “Marlin Gipson” & D/O/B “10-12-96*” were both provided (though providing the accurate name and date he made a common mistake with the year. The information provided was more than sufficient to allow proper identification in the system) 

– All the officer had to do was provide the citizen his information (BY LAW). When the law abiding citizen respectfully asked for his ID he was required to provide it. INSTEAD HE PRODUCED A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS AND ATTEMPTED TO PERFORM AN ILLEGAL ARREST!
#ConstableAlanRosen called Marlin Gipson a fugitive from law.
– To be clear, Marlin Gipson is a full-time Business Accounting student at a junior college. In addition to being a full-time student he works 2 jobs. MARLIN GIPSON HAS NEVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME! There is an ongoing issue concerning a dormitory dispute that has not resolved but Marlin has fully participated in every aspect of the (COMPLETELY UNRELATED & IRRELEVANT) investigation. 
#ConstableAlanRosen referenced a alleged warrant from 2015.
– A thorough review of the system revealed NO OUTSTANDING WARRANTS for Marlin currently or at th time of this incident. Suggesting warrants from years ago justified Deputy Cates behavior is desperate & pathetic. 
Nothing justifies the clear:
– Racial Profiling 

– Cate’s refusal to properly identify himself 

– Excessive force including: 2 Taser shots in the back – K-9 Unit Attack – Stomping Gipson while handcuffed 
#ConstableAlanRosen has no business being in this elected position if he saw no problem with his officer’s behavior.
The community where these boys grew up has rallied to their aid. They have informed officers that they know these young men, that they hired them to perform yard work and that they SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN HARASSED.


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