The #notredamewalkout

On twitter has got to be some of the dumbest reponses and comments ever about the walkout. 


-They should be ashamed

-They should had sat through it and not ruin the day for others; respect the office

– This would not work in the real world

All Dumb.

Lets start from the bottom up shall we?

In the real world, for those that are unfamilar with what happens, when workers protest about their pay, and their working conditions, they strike in numbers, in order to achieve middle ground and for their working enviroment to be improved. So yes, this works in the real world.

For sitting through it? Let me ask you this. If Aldof Hitler was the vice president of the united states and he gave a speach on your graduation day, would you sit there to listen to him talking about how only a certain group is worth living and the rest need to die? What if you were in that group that he was talking about? Would you sit there to so call “respect the office” or would you get up and walk away, or do something about it if in your heart you did not agree? To sit through that by choice, you are either for it or to much of a coward to stand your own ground. Well that is exactly what Mike Pence did to the students at Notre Dame. LGTB community and their friends, supports (even if they were straight) had walked out. 

To be ashamed? Of what? Standing up for their rights? For a silent protest that actually caught the attention of Mike Pence? What should they be ashamed of? Oh please do tell?

Last but not least, disrespectful. Well the new administration has been disrespectful for quite some time now and the number one rule above it all is “Respect is earned, not given” THis applies to the real world. At your job, your spouse, simblings, everyday life. For you to say otherwise, you are just appearing to be racists.

These students are standing up for justice. Even if they voted this man in, they are not happy and are not standing for his views. And if anything, this should be a wake up call to Mike Pence to get his shit together. Then again, this man can not be in a room with another woman unless his wife is there. Wow, talk about not having balls.
To the students, good job on the silent walkout. 

Notre Dame, you ruined thier day the moment you brought politics into their graduation day. NIce Job. 


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