Facts about Trumps Travel Ban and Order

​ just 1/2 of 1% of violence in America is related to terrorism.vast majority of that terrorism was committed by white christian men. islamic extremists only account for 2.6 % of attacks. Thats 2.6% of the 1/2 of 1%. Basically  .001%
3100 Americans died since the attack on 911. Yet 2902 of them died on 911. Not after, so when Trump talks about terrorism, 93% of what he is talking about is the 911 attack.
Yet the order consistently mentions 911, yet it does not contain none of the home countries of the 19 hijackers from 911

This type of order causes islamicphobia and racism to fester creating a country scared of a brown man in a turban or a female in a hijab.
When it’s a statistical fact that you are 100 times more likely to die at the hands of a white man in a t shirt.
In this county a woman is beaten every 9 seconds. 1 in 5 women have been raped, yet we dont see men getting stopped at airports to ensure they are not a rapist or abusers.
Yet that would keep the american population 100% safer than this ban.
Why don’t we ban white policing in minority areas since we have clearly seen that leads to racially charged murders?

The order will make public of foreign terrorist,  but what about domestic terrorist?  What about the KKK?
Can i expect to recieve a detailed list of all it’s members, and affiliates…

because 90% of american terrorism is done by white men. That would be an awful super helpful list

section 3 of the order, omits the fact that 100% gender based violence on American women is done by american men
the vast majority of those attackers 

White men

So please try to explain how safe this travel ban is going to make America, or how is it protecting us? 


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