20 Week Abortion Ban

I’m reading this and kind of thrown off. There are people saying you don’t know if you are pregnant at that time.

But, 20 weeks is about 4 months and 2 weeks. If someone gets pregnant around Jan 1st, you mean to tell me she doesn’t know she’s pregnant in April? 

Something is wrong with this.

Please tell me why you are against, if you are. If raped, then docs do a full screaning for pregnancy and everything else. (one of my friends is a rape victim)  Incest ? Why is that even an issue?

Plz comment below, are you for this, against this… reason why.

I just want to hear some reasoning from others on this. Not to argue. Just want to hear from all sides. (Meaning females) because us dudes, don’t know **** about pregnancy.


One thought on “20 Week Abortion Ban

  1. I understand what you’re saying, but I’ve honestly known two friends personally that didn’t know they were preggers until they gave birth?! That was when we were younger, and our bodies were changing so rapidly, and we were so young and dumb that we didn’t know any better. Heck as a 27 year old career woman I was so busy I didn’t even notice I was pregnant until my second trimester (month four).

    Incest is an issue mostly because of the complications that could arise for the child I believe. That and I think when they say incest I don’t think they mean backwoods cousins that found strange love (I’m in Alabama, I can say that), I think they mean more someone’s creepy Uncle that provided them with a horrifying experience. (sorry for the blatantness.)

    When I was raped I wasn’t tested, because I didn’t turn him in, I was too embarrassed. Though I’ll tell you what, I was avid about taking at home tests for months, always paranoid that a piece of that monster was growing inside of me.

    But All that being said, I feel 20 weeks is plenty of time. Just trying to shed some light on your questions.


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