Jury can’t decide if shooting a fleeing black man is a crime

At this point, it’s not about color. It’s about common sense. At what point is it ok for anyone to pull out a gun, and shoot that person, gun him down… when he is unarmed and just just running from arrest in any shape or form …. legal?

Hey, pull over… i have to give you a ticket..oh I’ll just shoot you if you don’t listen.

So if im jogging in the street it’s ok for me to be shot in the back?

Oh wait, the officer felt as if his life was in danger from a person running away from him, and trying to get away… correct? Did he feel as if he was going to get a weapon… a mile away and come back and enact revenge for being pulled over?

This is absolutely disgusting. The fact that this is happening and you can not figure out as a juror that this is wrong. The entire world knows it’s wrong, but there’s a deadlock? Really? What type of people are on this pannel? 

Cops have a rough job, that they signed up for. However, they are not above the law. When will people wake up. 

Their logic, reasoning ,  thought process needs to be reevaluated. Do we really have people this stupid living among us? 

The answer… is yes.

And you wonder why Americans say America was never great.


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