North Dekota Pipeline

So natives don’t want the pipeline. 

I understand, because I am Sioux myself. now for the people that are saying this needs to be built, let me put it like this…

What if I came to your home, kicked in your door and you stood there fighting me because you didn’t want me to enter, but Im doing it because I need to get inside to build a tower of legos that will house live explosives that has a 50% chance of destroying your home, but it must be built…

The same thing is going on. an invasion of land and people’s home just so they can build something that will end up destroying the land and their home.

These ppl are being locked up, sprayed with water cannons, shot at, pepper sprayed and everything you can think of so they will be out the way so some idiot can come onto THEIR land, build and make money while STEALING their land, and their way of life in the process.

If you understand anything, then you should understand that what is going on at standing rock is 100% wrong. Leave their land alone. if you don’t have permission to enter their land, don’t force your way in. that’s it, you don’t have permission.


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