A clear message from a Psycho to @realdonaltrump

You are a National Embarrassment.

Even more so than Lotche who lied at the Olympic games. The entire world is watching this election, and have watched you lie about Kkk, your affiliations, your treatment of women, your total disregard for a person’s well being and incite fear and racism among the masses.

You sir are a National Embarrassment. You want to be president, however you can not be because you never once gave the people a reason to vote for you.

You have made this election about you. You are not for the people. Nothing you have done is for the people. Above all,  you are clearly unfit for office. Never in the history of elections has anyone ever been labeled as unfit. No one. 

So please explain to us all, why are you running?

And if anyone is for Trump after these last debates and his rallies, go ahead and respond. For every line you answer, I’ll give you a clear reason why not to vote for him. 

A clear reason.

Unlike Trump’s plans, unclear and so called secret because they don’t exist. 


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