Obama to Trump: Stop whining

Obama to Trump: Stop whining

An election ran by all parties, this man is complaining it’s rigged. 

1. He’s using it as a distraction from the fact that he is a criminal with multiple counts of sexual assault. 

2. It’s his own fault, his campaign is tanking due to his actions, same way Billy Bush lost his job due to his own actions

3. Said he would commit war crimes as a president 

4. Racism, Misogamy , and his consistent spread of hate

5. Belittled people of color “what do you have to lose…” answer : everything

6. None of his statements checks out as facts

7. Never worked in the federal sector

8. Never worked in the public sector

9. Can’t answer simple debate questions 

10. Has no plan to make America so called great

11. Can’t answer when America was great

This can go on all day long.

He’s not fit for office.



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