Trump is A Criminal / This Election, Pissed Me Off

For the many that follow me through the linked accounts I have, ( Tumblr, Google +, Twitter, etc) Thank you. You have been following my many posts.

However, I have not written an entry in a while, and I’m really disgusted.

Disgusted at this election and the people who are running.

Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.

Don’t get me wrong, I may be a democrat, however I do vote Republican when I believe that the candidate will place this country on a better path than the democrat .

That’s another topic, let’s stick to this one thought at the moment.

Hillary, involved in scandal after scandal, investigated by the FBI, found guilty but able to continue to run, I was like meh. I guess there is a reason. If you look into it, there was. Her having a private server, is nothing new. There were many people before her that have done the same thing. Her deleting emails, was done so before she received a summons.Her Scandals, can be written off as lack of experience and doing what she needed to succeed. However, given everything that has come out, I wouldn’t be surprised if she slept with a few to move up in the ranks. Yet despite all of this, she was not the public’s pick. Bernie Sanders was and he was cheated out of his nomination by this woman. The DNC was caught in their own lie, saying that the election was not rigged and that the super delegates were not there to stop a grass roots movement. Thank you to all of those involved, you have proven the public correct in your actions.

How do you cheat an election? How do you doctor the video and photos taken to make it appear as if your rallies were even close to the size of the ones that Bernie had? How do you buy out the media such as CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, PBS and others to focus on you and for them to never report on the rallies of Sanders?

That’s low.

However what is worse, is the Republican’s choice. If Marco Rubio , John McCain or even Senator Elizabeth Warren was running ( I really wish she was) then I would have voted for them. However the choice was Trump? That is like a smack in the face. Why do I say that? When you ask a person why are they voting Trump, you get a response that is similar to “He’s a businessman, just think what he can do for this country…” No lie, that is what I was thinking when he first announced that he was going to run, but I wanted to know his plans before hand.

Other say things on the line of “we don’t need another politician in office …” or  they repeat the same rhetoric that they have heard him say, not knowing the words coming out of their mouth holds no truth.

Yet you have no basis to judge his wealth or his value as a businessman due to him not releasing his tax records. When this is brought up the answer you get from many is ” He has many businesses, that’s how you judge”

I’m sorry to tell you, having many businesses does not make you a success. Your bottom line does. Meaning did you turn a profit, if so how big was the margin of profit or did you take a loss. That’s business 101. You prove your worth in business with numbers. He has not done so. His excuse is that he will release them when his audit is done. However, that audit has nothing to do with him releasing his records. So basically he does not want the public to see his records. Yet if you look into his past, this man has lied when asked what his value was in the past, and he covered up later on by saying that’s how I felt I was worth on that day… ( you have to be kidding me)

So what is he really worth, do you know? Or are you going off of rumor?

If you want to argue his experience he has none. It’s like a kid out of high school applying to become the CEO of Google, without any experience what so ever in the tech industry, to the point they can not write a simple code in basic let alone C+

The man can’t answer simple questions in a debate, no experience, is hiding his true worth from the scrutiny of the public eye, is playing off of racism, misogyny,bigotry and lacks common knowledge of anything governmental, so much this man did not know what a “BLIND TRUST” was.

This and this alone has me to the point of anger. If this election isn’t the epitome  of what it’s like being an overqualified woman applying for the same executive level position as some incompetent shitty man, I don’t know what is.

Yet it get’s worse…his tape

He said it was locker room talk. That is not locker room talk. He confessed to committing a crime on tape. That is not locker room talk.Anyone that says that it is, you are an idiot. He’s caught boasting about sexual assault. SEXUAL ASSAULT. If my sister, or my co workers come to me about anyone sexually assaulting them, my God have mercy on that man’s soul, because I will have that man laying in their own blood. If you have a sister, you know what I’m talking about. If not then think of some creep coming up and sexually assaulting your mother, what would you do?

(Trevor Noah… I’m taking your words for the rest of this)

But his asshole managed to spin it saying, “It was locker room talk”

2 errors, you are mixing sex talk with sexual assault talk. Trying to make his comments sound normal, you have not done. That is far from normal. There’s a difference between saying dirty words and glorifying a crime. It’s like people are more focused on the fact that he said pussy. It’s not about that. He committed a crime, he admitted to forcing himself on women.

Second, Trump was not in a locker room. If you conduct locker room talk everywhere, it’s not locker room talk. That’s you!

Any Republican that continues to endorse Trump after this, you meaning the public, need to think clearly.. are these people really serving you? Are they upholding their standard? Or are they on the side of a criminal that does not hold the values of Americans and only cares about themselves?

Republicans, what are you doing? You destroyed your party.


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