This Election

I don’t understand this country at the moment.

1 – you have a person with no experience on local or federal government, and the GOP has nominated this man to run for the party. That is like me applying to be a CEO at a firm and I’m fresh out of high school with zero experience.

Does this make sense?

He has legitimized his campaign through the use of local media, and because of the media’s attention on him instead of the candidates that matter, he gets picked? Yet no one has stood up and said, “hey this is wrong, you need to stop”

A man with no experience

A man that said that he will run the debt into the ground and then make a deal to get out of it

A man when asked questions about the hate groups backing him he played stupid, yet he knew David Duke on a personal level and spoke about him before his campaign

2 – You have the liar. She keeps getting caught in lie after lie, got caught in the lie about her emails, was a threat to national security, and instead of arresting her, she’s allowed to continue to campaign? If this was anyone else they would be locked up. So what you are telling everyone is that the law really doesn’t apply to everyone, only people who are not rich right?

Then you had Bernie, who should still be running but the democratic party sabotaged his campaign.

They gave him no media coverage of him packing up every rally he has had, it was over packed, but they do a camera angle shot of Clinton to make it appear as if her rally is packed just like his.

He out did Hillary in every debate, there are questions that she could not answer because she was being a crook, but he answered and even admitted to being wrong at times

Trump would not debate him

And he got more votes than any Republican

Does this seem right to you?

Don’t get me started with the green party. Anyone voting for them, your vote is a lost vote.



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