Follow Up On Voting for the Right Person

This is a follow up on my previous post, which you can find below. 

When I say voting for the right person, I’m not necessarily saying vote for Bernie, even though yes I will vote for Bernie. I’m saying you need to see these politicians for what they are, liars.

The way I see it, if you side at the moment with Hillary or Trump, you are either dumb, have no sense of economic value, you live in a bubble or just plain stupid. Worse case scenario, you are racist. Christie has sided with Trump. Why? I have no idea. I had respect for this man from his debates until he did that. You are siding with a racist, and someone who is now backed by the most racist hate group in America, and plays stupid as if Mr Drumpf, ( wait he goes by Trump ) pretends he never heard of the name or the group before. You can not be that stupid.

If you vote for Rubio, Jeb (if he was still running), Cruz or Sanders I wouldn’t question your values. However voting for 2 of the biggest liars, hypocrites , and emotionally unstable candidates,  Trump and Clinton …Yes I have to question your values as an American. Neither one represents America, neither one represents our values. They only thing they represent is what they can fit in their pockets.

Your issues, the issues of this country, what can make it better for all, they don’t care about. You can tell that by the antics of Trump, the way he disrespects one person after another, lies about what he is worth, and his many failures in business and lawsuits. How many lies has he told during his campaign? So many that there’s a 22 minute skit about it done by John Oliver.

Side note: what they say about comedy, there’s nothing but truth in it.

This man has lied, has spoken freely about hate, racism, committing war crimes and everyone is just clapping away. Are you that dumb ? To side with this man, I would like to know just how stupid are you?

Clinton is no better.

She preaches one thing, a year later she is doing something completely different. Took words out of context during a debate, rearranged them to place a bad light on Sanders and acted as if what she spoke of actually happened. You don’t do that. To do something of that nature, you have no integrity. After seeing her campaign, it’s clear as day why Bill cheated on her. She doesn’t hold the same values as her husband. Yes cheap shot, I know but it’s well deserved.

When you go to vote, vote correctly. Do not vote for a person that holds no values and who’s values don’t match your own. Don’t vote for a person that will favor one group of people and have the rest suffer to make them feel comfortable. Don’t fall for the fake ruse that these people are giving you. Be smart.



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