Voting for The Right Person

Who do you vote for in this upcoming election? Seems to be the topic of the week. However, to determine who to vote for, depends on what is your priority? What is your criteria for a good president? What is it that this country needs in order to thrive and be successful?  To me it appears as many people can’t answer this question because they are so caught up in their own stupidity and self righteousness in order to see what is going on in the general public outside of their circle of reality. Everyone wants to ride the coattails of Trump, the one who claims that he is not taking money from people, however has some special deal with the GOP. You have Hillary Clinton, who everyone wanted to see a female president, however she has proven to be a lair, does whatever she can to grab votes and then switches sides like it was nothing. It’s really worse than dealing with a person that is bi-polar.

One thing I can see, is that people are waking up to the pile of tricks of Hillary Clinton. Wait that was supposed to be politics. What is not going on in this country, is how is it the same people who claim that they are not racist, and against this and that, back Trump? His mouth is the pure definition of race baiting, and every time he speaks, he plays on a person’s fear, yet has not given any real or clear response on how he will handle any situation in this country. Every response he speaks, he has the same words:

  • I know. I know them well
  • Am I right
  • You may not like it, but it’s true
  • we will get it done
  • they are very good people, I am friends with them

In debates he was outclassed. Outclassed so much he began talking over others while they were answering questions in order to be seen as the favorite and the front runner. He has done this so much that every debate has turned into ” I heard my name mentioned, I get to answer now”, and that is from each Republican candidate. Like really? What is that? This is what you see in reality shows, not a real campaign.

So for the remainder of this, I am only going to reference the top 3 candidates at the moment; Trump, Clinton and Sanders.

So Trump wants to be president, but you need to look past everything and just think, what has he done for this country and his fellow man in the past 10 years? The answer, is nothing. He has done nothing. He has not worked anywhere in government, he does not understand how it works, he is spewing unlogical plans out and people who are ignorant to the fact of how anything works are just eating it up as if it’s the right thing to do. People need to wise up. The only thing he has done is raise the racial tension within the country. He has proposed to undo laws to protect the freedom of it’s citizens and is acting like the second coming of Hitler. That’s is not a president. However, this man bashes Obama for everything that he does, and has no respect for anything.

Clinton, is just a liar. Lie after lie, and yet she is still running. I have a question. Why is she running if she is under investigation? That makes no sense what so ever. That’s like me trying to work for the FBI when I myself knows there is a warrant out for my arrest. That is just plain dumb.

The only, and when I say only…

The only logical person I can see myself voting for is Bernie Sanders. Why? Well Killer Mike from Goodie Mob said it best, and I will link the video to this as well.

Think back, when Black Lives Matter protesters met up with Bernie in his campaign. Everyone was upset that they jumped on stage, because how do you attempt to shut down Bernie, if you are from BLM? You don’t. however when they got on stage, not only did Bernine and peers give them the mic, they stood back, and let them speak their piece, shook hands and they went about their business. Let me make this clear, what they were saying, effected communities across the nation. It was important to them, so it became important to Bernie, and it became important to his peers.

Now what happened with Clinton, BLM went to her, asked her questions and basically, the girl was told to shut up, I will deal with you later, and carried out, oh wait I mean escorted out by security. What?

As for Trump, he wants Muslim registration . He wants to build a wall. He wants the other countries to pay for the wall.It’s nothing but racism at it’s finest. He has not listened to the problems of this country, he has not made any effort to fix anything. he’s just there as a distraction and playing off of a person’s fear.

So out of the three, if you have a person that has been fighting for what you have  been asking for out of the country for the past 50 years, and has delivered time and time again on his promises to fight and delivered results time and time again, why are you looking anywhere else for your choice of president. I’m going to be honest, I am a Democrat, however before I found out Bernie was running, I was looking toward Cruz and Rubio as people to vote for. No way I’m going to vote for Clinton. But, when you have a freedom fighter, a person who is willing to die for the people of his country by placing himself in harms way, willing to do what it takes for Justice even if it means getting arrested and going head to head with the masses, that is the person you vote for. That is a person who will easily have the best interest in for the entire country and the person who will have the best foreign relationships with other countries. That’s your president. The question is, will you wake up and realize this before it’s too late?




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