Trump, Not Fit for President

I’m seeing post after post about how Donald Trump can become president. However it’s making me sick. We have candidates who can get the job done correctly, but there are these people who are siding with Trump. It’s time to start reading in between the lines.

Hillary Clinton, she’s a liar. If you didn’t know this by now, you need to wake up. While Bernie Sanders was marching with Martin Luther King for civil rights and getting arrested for it, this woman was working as an intern for a person who rejected the civil rights bill. However, that’s not the terrible part. The terrible part is that she continued working for him after he voted for denial of passing of this bill. So where are her values ? She has none. Where ever she can get ahead just by a small fraction, she will be there.

Sanders, if you don’t know who he is, he has been fighting for the same things he is fighting for since day one. He stands for truth, equality, and fights for it. He is the Black Lives Matter movement, he is a freedom fighter. He was the forerunner when fighting for gay rights, and gay marriage. He is everything that the public asked for. However now that he is running, you don’t see that anymore? I wonder why? Unlike the other candidates, he has no contract, his entire campaign is paid for by the public.

But then there is Trump. I’m skipping candidates because I want to get to my point.He’s always screaming “they aren’t treating me fair..” he said that about Megan Kelly and others. And now he’s saying it about the gop, because they are supposedly not holding up their end of the deal. Wait hold up. There are a few things wrong with this right here. And i’m going to go through all the reasons why I’m against Trump.

1. treating you fair? What do you think will happen if you become president? You won’t be treated fair. He’s already had talks about how he wants to place a new law in place because he doesn’t want the New York Times or Washington Post to write about him. Wait , he did the same with Obama, talked bad about him, wrote bad about him, but can’t take it if the same was to happen to him.

2. What’s the deal with GOP, so no he doesn’t have a super PAC that we know about, however there is a deal somewhere along the lines that people as well don’t know about.

3.The man has a blank resume when it comes to politics and political matters. It’s the same as hiring a CEO with grade school experience. So much so that when asked about how would he handle the situation with the nukes, his answer was let’s hire a guy that has knowledge in that field …he just said he wanted to hire a president.

4. He is not level headed. the man is a hot head. He will not be able to handle foreign matters off emotions.

5. Let’s make america great is not a platform for change.

6. He has zero foreign policy. His policy and dealing with foreign affairs is him having a meeting in a different country. That is not dealing with foreign affairs.

7. He opened his mouth, blamed the Mexicans and Muslims for the problems of America, however his mouth has lead to the attack of those who are here legally and has raised race issues, racial tension and has lead to attacks on citizens of this country. That is not the actions of a leader. That’s the action of a racist.

8. His current wife has nude pics on the internet. If it was any other person, they would be attacked about this and be forced to drop their campaign.

9. When he asked about his idea about Muslim registration and how it was similar to the Nazi error, he could not answer the question. Yet he wants to be president. His response was you tell me.

10. Whenever he is hit with a serious question by a reporter or another person at any rally or press conference he has that person removed. Wait, he also has Latinos and Muslims removed as well.

11. Everything Trump has tried or put his hands on has failed. Airlines, Casinos, Hotel, University, Marriage, Mortgage, Vodka, China Connection – all failed. Wait for any of these to work you would need foreign policy, he has none.


Being president is not just following up and running America. It’s handling other countries as well. Being a president means you have to talk with world leaders, have a say in the way they are doing things, they will have a say in the way America is doing things. Basically its a conglomerate, and the way Trump is right now, he does not have the means, the drive, the knowledge or the ability to handle a conglomerate of this magnitude. He’s looking at this campaign as a popularity contest.

If you feel as if he can make a change, by all means leave a comment, however the only thing he can do is change America for the worst.


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