Who Not to Date

So you got your life together… ok somewhat together. You have a job, either live alone or with roommates, either way you are happy and doing good for yourself. Now you want to add something to your life, a special someone.

So how do you know if the person you are interested in is date worthy material? Break them down. Warning, you need to do this as fast as possible for it may be costly on your wallet and your mental health.

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Popping bottles among other things

If he/she can not go a week without alcohol or drugs. I’m not one to judge. Honestly I am not. Majority of us drink occasionally, others hit that bong… occasionally. However if you are dealing with a person who will drink a bottle out of your liquor cabinet / stash every time you are with them, or always has weed or some other substance on them, basically you are dealing with bad news, unless you are like that as well, then you need to get yourself checked out. These type of people will not only place you in situations that you may not like, but they will also destroy whatever image you may have created for yourself. Let me put it like this, you are the mayor, but you are dating a person who is always high, or always getting drunk, what do you think the headlines are going to read? No I’m not judging the people who party but there’s a limit to how fucked up one can get. This should not be 50% of your week.


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If they got it, then spend it

Ok let’s set this straight. Most guys are raised to be the one to pay for everything when they go out. Hey, it’s part of dating. However, relationships do go both ways. Both in romantic and platonic relationships. You should have no problem paying for a person if they pay for you elsewhere. Do not confuse this with “going dutch”. No. What I am saying, in healthy relationships, you will take out the person you are with and there are times where they will take you out. It goes hand in hand. Not only is it a sign that they appreciate what you do for them, it also lets you know that they understand that you are not made of money. Now why is this so important? (Guys pay attention..) I went to Ihop and I overheard a waitress and a customer talking. Just having casual talk. The waitress mentioned that her boyfriend is going to kill her because she just purchased a pair of expensive shoes that she can not afford on his credit card, and the response from the other person was “Well if they got it, then spend it”

Wait what? Someone else bust their asses to make money and you can just spend it without putting nothing into the relationship? I’m sorry. There’s no sex or anything that good to be doing that. Wise up. If they are spending your hard earned money and there’s no return on investment, stop.

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I don’t have a job type person

Wait! This one you can not just jump on and judge, because there are two different types to this one type. For this, we will call them TYPE A TYPE B.

Type A is the person who when they don’t have a job, they attempt to get one. They apply every where they can, they go on interviews, get bummed out because they didn’t get the job, but they try with everything in their soul to get one. These are the types of people that when they land a job, they are happy because not only do they have a new source of income, they feel as if they can bring something more to a relationship. Whatever type of relationship it is. Sometimes they may be stuck, but they are worth dating. Yes when they are down on their luck, you will have to pay for them. However, they won’t burn a hole in your wallet. But when they have a job, prepare to fight for who is going to pay for the bill. These types are worth your time.

As for Type B. They don’t have a job, and you understand that, but you want to hang out with them. You must pay. However like type A they may or may not be looking for one. Wait let’s say this again, THEY MAY OR MAY NOT BE LOOKING FOR ONE. Which means it’s not high priority for them to get one because they will be basically using you. You go out with them and they will not only want you to pay for them, they want everything as well. You want to go to Ihop because you are in the mood for pancakes and it’s cheap, leaving money left to do some other activity, and even though you have asked this person to tag along, once you are on your way the question becomes, “Why are we going there? Can we go someplace better?” Meaning, can you take me to someplace more expensive. If you do decide to go to a different place, they will expect you to give them and get them everything that they want. There’s another word for this type of person, it’s called a “Golddigger”. Last time you checked, they have no income but want you to take them everywhere? For that they can stay home with their level of income and you can go out and enjoy everything yourself.

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Has nothing going on in their life

Before I break this one down. If they have a job, do not say things like “it’s not a grown up job” Some lady said that to me when I was working in retail, however I was making 80 k per year. This isn’t about the type of job that they have. It’s about what they are doing with their life. Many people are forced to drop out of College. Either because it’s too expensive or life happens where you either have to focus on your studies or be work and have a roof over your head. If you have a person that finished school, great. If not , don’t judge them. However if they are not in school, they should have a source of income. It means they are working towards a goal. If they have that, then they are good. They may be studying something else, have a hobby, things to keep them busy, and learning at the same time. Do not go for the one that wants to stay home all the time, never goes out for anything, no job, no education. Or, wait…because this one does happen…has an education and thinks everyone is too good for them because they have a degree and the other person does not. Woah. The person without a degree may have their own company. I know many people like that. That is not a good judgement call.

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Always at the club, goes to every party

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with boys / girls night out, or going out with friends. However, if they are at the club every week, don’t waste your time. At the club, think of what happens, and who goes. Majority of the people there are looking to hook up with someone, or get laid. Then you have the small percentage that is there just for fun. Want to see where that percentage is at? It’s the small group of people that came in together, dance together, drink together and leave together. A guy/girl that is always at the club, there’s not telling what is going on when you are not around. They get drunk, make out with someone else, end up sleeping around, may call it as a good night but in their heads they are keeping secrets. It’s not made up, it’s more fact than anything else. Now if you have a person that goes every now and then, then don’t judge and don’t worry. A person that must go all the time, something is up.

I hope you enjoyed the Breaking Bad theme going on. However here are the 5 types of people that you should not date. With that said, I’m going to watch a season of Breaking Bad.


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