How To Get A Shot At The Guy You Like

Why am I writing this? Basically because I’m tired of seeing articles in magazines like Cosmo and others saying things like “wearing this will get his attention”, “Doing this with your hair will make you more attractive” , IT’S BULLSHIT

Ok ladies, i’m going to tell you. Basically because I just read a cosmo posting on this.

How to land that guy:

Step 1: Talk to the guy, casual talk. See if there is anything you two have in common. If you do, KUDOS. You can create a bond. This is important. Why? Think about this, you are into Pokemon and love it, but you are talking to a guy who only knows a deck of cards and plays poker. Connection there? I think not. However, please understand this. You will not have everything in common, but you should have at least 2 or 3 things in common. Having something in common with a guy, in the guy’s eye, you go from being an “OK kind of chick” to , “She’s really cool” Congrats you have spiked our interest and we will begin asking questions just to see how “cool of a person you are”

Step 2: Become friends. I don’t know how to stress this. You must become friends. Skip this and we will look at you as a whore. You need this in order to build a bond with the guy. Build a bond and we will begin to text you, call you every now and then, and ask you to go out. You need that bond.

Step 3: Have time alone and hang out. This is just you 2. Friends hanging out. If you have a strong bond with each other, anything can happen. Test the waters when you are out, interlace your arms when you are walking. If he holds on to you, try pulling a bit closer. If the guy likes you, he will be fine with this. You may find out he holds you to the point where you can rest your head on his arm while you walk or will hold on to you and continue to talk to you as if nothing else is going on.  If this happens, you need to understand what happens to a guy if he pulls you closer. He sees nothing, and hears nothing else except for the person that he is locked into, which would be you. If you can do this, he will hold your hand in public if you wanted to. If he pushes you away, sorry. There’s no need to continue. You will only just be a friend. However if that bond is there, you can get past this.

Step 4: Make a move. If the guy is fine with you holding his arm, cuddling up with him at random times, you two have a strong bond, then make a move. Just go hang out, and do something to where he looks you in your eyes. You can just be blunt and say ” look at me, in my eyes” we will laugh and be like “what are you doing” but lock us in, then lean in and make a move.

Reason you can’t be afraid to make a move, us guys analyze every damn thing and maybe busy in our heads to pick up on the signal that says, hey kiss me fool. However if step 1 – 3 is good, then make a move. Most likely, we will kiss you back. Congrats, you landed the guy. You are welcomed.



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