Why Are You Against Beyonce?

I’m not a fan of Beyonce, however her performance did deliver a powerful message, so much so that everyone has lost their damn minds in the wake of truth and not some lie. Rudolph William Louis “Rudy” Giuliani went on to Fox News to voice his opinion on how Beyonce’s performance was “anti-police” and “racist”

This is coming from the former mayor of New York City, you know, the one who’s own daughter is a criminal and a shoplifter. However, the message of the song was please stop killing us. In 2015 you had 776 cases of people killed by police, 161 of those on the receiving end of the bullet were unarmed. 20% of unwarranted killings. Guess how much of the 20% was a person of color? But people are mad that Beyonce did this at the superbowl? The one time of the year when more than 70% of america are watching and you can get a good clean message out rather than a 10 million dollar advertisement on something stupid such as Doritos? People need to get real.

Musicians, get their message out in music all the time. You have heard this over and over from groups such as System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, and yes, even Michael Jackson. Other groups such as Nickleback, Prince and many others have songs speaking up about domestic violence.

So how does her performance differ from any others? Well it was done at a time when people were not expecting it and at the same time, they were hit with some powerful truth at a time they were in this world of make believe that their cheers would effect the game in some way and others are looking towards the entertainers as a means of only entertainment as if they are some type of court jester or something. However they are not.

Was her performance race baiting? No it was not

Was it a slap in the face for law enforcement? No it was not. Being anti police brutality and anti police are two different things.

Were the Black Panthers a hate group? No they were not. However they did use violence when it was necessary which gives this perception of a hate group. They did not go out and target whites or white cops, they targeted police corruption. This corruption that they fight against, you still see it today. Everyday

So what are people offended by? The way I see it, many people were not offended until someone told them that they should had been. Others are mad because they have one and only one view of the police and they think it’s an attack because they have never witnessed corruption on this level so to them it’s an attack. When it’s actually the truth. Are all police bad? No they are not. If they were, everyone would be anti police.

If this needs to be made into something simple for everyone to understand, let me put it like this. Entertainers get their material for their work from life experiences, and for them to perform anything, they must had been exposed to it. Meaning you may not have seen it, but it exists on some level, and it may be on a level that you may not know about.

However here is my biggest question, how are you against Beyonce and her message but won’t stand up and raise your voice about Trump when he speaks of Muslims in America , Muslim registration, Mexico and others? Should you not? He’s blaming Mexico and others for the troubles of America when he himself has his clothing line made in Mexico.

Muslim registration is the same thing they did in Germany with the Jews

Build a wall is the same thing they did in Germany

He said that he can go out in the middle of Times Square, shoot a few people and still won’t lose voters. Read in between the lines, he’s saying you are not important to him. However on the other hand Beyonce’s performance involves everyone. Not just people of color, it involves the entire nation. This is why this debate over Beyonce is so dumb.

I can go on and on however for many others I’m going to put it like this. Watch the videos posted as well. Maybe this will shed some light on your dark minds.

Keep in mind, Kendrick Lamar did a similar performance during the Grammys, and he took home one as well. So you must be mad that this was done during your football game.

So let’s make this clear, the KKK was founded in 1866 and became a vehicle for white southern resistance to the policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. via lynching, bombings and other terrorists tactics they’ve intimidated and murdered thousands of black people – yet they still exists.

A century later, the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was founded in 1966. They armed its members in accordance with the law, monitored and challenged police brutality. They also provided many social programs for children. Less than 20 years later, the FBI and CIA destroyed them.




Fast Forward to 13:39


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