From The Darkness, I Am Back Again

Back by demand, and a ton of people screaming at me to restart this instead of limiting any postings to only twitter… the cykoblog is back up and running.

This is the first post after a while so let me give a quick run through about some changes

1 – political opinions will be posted. Being that you agree or disagree with my postings, just expect a debate. On the same note, don’t embarrass yourself, for what you respond to and what get’s posted is shared and re-posted on several sites. Yes I am linked all over the place. How do you think I got my fans?

2 – New Page for relationship advice. No I am no expert, however I have had request from many people I personally know to create this, so boom here ya go. Drop a response on the page, and your answers will be posted.

For now those are just two of the things that will be in effect as of today, the rest will come later on. Yes there’s more things in the works. So for those that visit, the Menus will change the content of this site will change however, the authors stay the same.


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